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      ObsteCare förväntas lämna in en ny FDA-ansökan för den moderniserade versionen av AFL®-systemet under H1 Det bör leda till ett marknadsgodkännande under Q1 och en påföljande USA-lansering under Q2 Bolaget fattade ett strategiskt beslut att fokusera på Europa och senarelägga FDA-ansökan.

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    Jun Educational Software. To view Obstecare’s complete acquisitions history, request access». Information on stock, financials, earnings, subsidiaries, investors, and executives for Obstecare. Use the PitchBook Platform to explore the full profile.

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    Airport Obstacle Clearance Surface Development and Obstacle Analysis. Develops visualizations of obstacle identification surfaces and other airport safety surfaces through GIS technologies ensuring safe operations at airports nationwide. Geospatial analyses are performed on known or potential obstacles to determine if they obstruct critical.

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    Obstacle analysis is critical for ensuring safe and efficient operation of aircraft. It involves a spatial analysis of all obstacles around an airfield against a surface that represents minimum operating levels for aircraft approaching and departing the airport.
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    About FAA Offices Aviation Safety Flight Operations Group Airport Obstacle Analysis & Aircraft Performance Planning Airport Obstacle Analysis AC A, Airport Obstacle Analysis Overview of AC , Airport Obstacle Analysis (PDF) Aircraft Performance Planning Performance Planning Training Videos Planning for Takeoff Obstacle Clearance.

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    Reduce production time from weeks to days by automating obstacle surface creation and obstacle analysis, data import/export, and data validation. Drive informed decision-making Deliver a framework for building and maintaining airport infrastructure datasets and integrating these assets with your GIS and other business systems for actionable.

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  • The objective of this paper is to promote operator knowledge, operator application, and operator training issues surrounding transport airplane takeoff performance, Parts 91 and operators alike, specifically showing that the current practice of planning for OEI takeoff obstacle avoidance and compliance with TERPS criteria is inadequate and potentially dangerous.