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Stratum granules provide a natural way to soften water and reduce carbonate hardness (regular KH testing is recommended), all without staining or discoloring aquarium water. Stratum It provides newborns with a refuge from predators until they are large enough to emerge.

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Fluval Stratum Review. Today, I’m reviewing one of the most acclaimed substrates for the healthy growth of both plants and shrimp. In this Fluval Stratum review, I’ll discuss its features, how it can be unique from the others, and what downsides it might have.

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Collected from the mineral-rich foothills of Japan’s famous Mount Aso volcano, Stratum contains a powerful mix of nutrients and minerals to stimulate growth for a wide variety of freshwater aquatic plants, while helping to maintain ideal water conditions for their overall health. Check out our other content!.

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FLUVAL STRATUM SERIES | Volcanic Soil for Explosive Plant Growth. Stratum has fast become a top substrate choice of planted aquarium enthusiasts worldwide. Collected from the mineral-rich.

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In this video I show you how to use Fluval Stratum for houseplants!Facebook Group: Stratum: https://www.

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  • fluval stratum substrate, help! I am starting a new tank (not sure of the size yet somewhere between gallon hexagon style) that I added fluval stratum substrate to the bottom of last night (and then covered with water filling the tank about 25%). This substrate is already making me anxious. I did not rinse it and i'm worried about.

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      Fluval Stratum lowers pH as it can remove carbonate from the water. Fluval Stratum is excellent for delicate shrimp because of its ability to lower the pH of water. Some shrimps require soft water that is slightly acidic, like level 6, to make them live healthily. Stratum is an active substrate that has a buffering ability.

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    Phormist. Hey, guys so I am setting up a planted gallon aquarium and am wanting to use a substrate for the base layer and then topping it with black sand. I was thinking of using Fluval Stratum as the substrate and then capping that with Black Imagitarium sand (love this black sand). But everyone I see who uses Fluval Stratum seems to use it.
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