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    1 Count up your high-card points before you bid. Before you make your first bid in bridge, count up the points you have in your hand. Your high-card points include: Ace: 4 points each King: 3 points each Queen: 2 points each Jack: 1 point each 2 Bid only if you have 13 or more high-card points.

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    show your own minor suit We take these priorities in order. First, if you don't have enough values to make a bid, your correct call will be either a pass or a lower bid. You will sometimes have enough values to bid once or twice, but as the bidding gets higher, you will not have enough values to bid again. Major suit fits Raising partner's major.

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      Bridge Bidding Conventions. Bridge convention definitions have been written to the best of my knowledge. If you see anything strange or have any questions, let me know at jefftang@ Read hundreds of bridge bidding conventions used in contract bridge. Blackwood, limit raises, and more exotic bids are explained in detail.

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    The Bridge Bears bidding system is a simple version of Standard American. It is most akin to what is called Yellow Card. After you learn the Bridge Bears system, you will be able to play with almost any partner, even one who has never visited the Bridge Bears web site.

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    15 hcp. Open 1 ♠. Your spades are far weaker than your diamonds, but we give preference to five card or longer majors. ♠ 6 5 4 3 2 ♥ K Q 9 ♦ Q 5 ♣ A K 7 14 hcp. Open 1 ♠, even with the awful suit. Partner could easily hold three spades, and if you don't bid your five card suit, you could miss the 8 card major suit fit.

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    Other opening bids: Open 2 ♣ on any hand of 22+ points. Open 2 ♦, 2 ♥ or 2 ♠ with points, and a good suit of 6 or more cards. Open a 3 level preempt with a weak hand and a 7 card suit. Open a 4 level preempt with a weak hand and an 8+ card suit. Go to the next topic: Responses to opening bids. Or see all articles in the Bridge.

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    The opponents must know exactly what the bids mean, just like your partner. No secret codes are allowed in bridge. Unusual bidding conventions must be “alerted,” which means that if you make an unusual bid, your partner must say “alert” or pull the blue “Alert” card out of the bidding box. The first opponent to bid may then (or at.