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    Match each Christmas riddle on the left to the correct answer on the right. 1. _____ What do Santa's elves learn when they go to school? 2.

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    These lovely worksheets contain some amazing facts, as well as 5 medium-difficulty, fun Christmas riddles for children to solve with an answer sheet included. An engaging activity for the Christmas period, these great riddles help children practice creative thinking and problem-solving.

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    of 1 s Name: Date: Subject: Holidays - Christmas Sheet: Christmas matching riddles Christmas Riddles Can you match each Christmas riddle on the left with the correct answer on the right? Q. What do you get if you cross Santa Claus with a duck? A. Rudeolph Q. Which of Santas reindeer has bad manners? A. Santa walking backwards! Q.

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    Food Riddles for Kids. Q: First, you throw away my outside and cook the inside. Then you eat my outside and throw away the inside. What am I? A: Corn. Q: What kind of cheese is made backwards? A.

  • redan middle school är riddles pdf christmas

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  • Answer: A relative clause. Santa Claus rides in a sleigh– the 3 wise men traveled by elephant, horse and camel. What do the elves ride around in? Answer: A minivan. Who says, "Oh, Oh, Oh.

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      It is Halloween and your friends dare you to go into a haunted house. You creep up to the door, a little scared wondering what is behind the door. You go in and there is a long hallway leading.