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The Gendarmerie is a branch of the French Armed Forces placed under the jurisdiction of the Ministry of the Interior, with additional duties from the Ministry of Armed Forces. Its responsibilities include policing smaller towns, suburbs and rural areas, along with special subdivisions like the GSPR.

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  • La Gendarmerie nationale est une force armée française placée sous la tutelle du ministère de l'Intérieur et des Outre-mer, et du ministère des Armées pour sa participation aux opérations militaires. Elle est chargée de la sécurité des zones rurales et périurbaines. Héritière de la Maréchaussée, la Gendarmerie nationale est l.
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    In France and some Francophone nations, the gendarmerie is a branch of the armed forces that is responsible for internal security in parts of the territory (primarily in rural areas and small towns in the case of France), with additional duties as military police for the armed forces. [1].

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    French National Gendarmerie The Gendarmerie nationale is one of France’s oldest institutions. It is the natural heir to the Royal Constabularies «Maréchaussée de France», i.e, the military forces which remained the only corps in charge of policing the country for centuries. Initially in.

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    The French gendarmerie comprises a territorial branch, insuring a territorial grid over the French territory, mobile forces to uphold the public order and reinforce the territorial branch when needed, and specialized gendarmeries to provide skilled personnel in judicial police, overseas or military security, to mention but a few.
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    The Departmental Gendarmerie (French: Gendarmerie Départementale) is the territorial police branch of the French National Gendarmerie. The Departmental Gendarmerie has regular contact with the population and conducts local policing functions throughout the French territory.

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    Gendarmerie nationale. From Wikimedia Commons, the free media repository. Gendarmes during a July 14 ceremony. National Gendarmerie is one of two national police forces of France.
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      franska behandlas med gendarmeriet Nationale ransomware,. the Swedes fought on the same side as the Belgian-led Katangan gendarmerie, who would later become the UN's worst enemy. I praktiken stred svenskarna alltså i detta skede på samma sida som Katangas gendarmeri, som sedan skulle bli FN: s värsta fiender.